Interview with Paul Falke, CEO of Falke

Falke is one of the most famous sock manufacturers in the world. The company is still family-owned, and since 1990 it has been managed by Paul Falke and Franz-Peter Falke. It was very interesting to ask Mr. Paul Falke some questions regarding sock production, materials, patterns and colors. He has kindly agreed to answer them, and now I’m happy to publish the interview.

Логотип FalkePaul Falke


Mr. Falke, you lead the family business with very long and rich history, but I guess you don’t rely solely on traditions. What about innovations, new tecnhologies? Does Falke produce now higher-quality socks than, for example, 50 years ago? Do innovations help to raise the quality level of garments as far as socks production is concerned?

Falke combines tradition and modern trends at the same time and innovations are really important parts of our global orientation. We improve our technologies and use our existing know-how for new ideas. At the moment for example we have some cooling yarns in some of our socks that keep feet comfortably cool throughout the spring and summer months. An innovation with the beginning of September this year will be a compression line form men and women, which satisfies the perfect symbiosis of performance and design which is created through fashionable style competency and perfect wearing comfort.

FALKE Compression MenFALKE Compression Women


Falke now has manufacturing facilities not only in Germany, but also in Slovakia, Serbia and maybe in other countries, if I’m not mistaken. Does it reflect on quality? Is it possible to differ, say, Falke Serbian-made socks from German-made ones?

Falke socks are produced only in our own production locations in Europe. The quality is really high in all places. A closed teamwork with our headquarters makes it possible and our costumers appreciate our constant outstanding quality.

FALKE ProductionFALKE Headquarters


What materials do you consider the best choice for socks? If we talk about high-quality cotton socks, should they be made of 100% cotton, without polyamide?

I think there is no specific pattern that is the best choice for every man. Personal preferences and the occasion are important. The material should be out of high quality anyway.

Носки Falke


What are essential features of high-quality socks, according to your opinion? What would you say about hand-linked toes?

Material, workmanship and design are the three most important parameters for extraordinary socks. Hand-linking is a special part of the workmanship. Just a few persons know how to hand-link toes and it needs years of learning it and I value it very much.



What sock patterns do you consider essential for any man? (apart from solid socks, of course).

It is difficult to define one pattern as essential for any men. As I said before it is really important to know the personal preferences. We have socks with some minimalistic designs but also some with eye-catching patterns like stripes and dots or also abstract patterns.

Falke Shadow socks


What are your favourite sock patterns and colors?

I like the Falke Gentleman’s Lab socks from our luxury line. That sock is printed by hand with a lot of time and effort. It is really difficult to combine the socks but I know how much craftsmanship is necessary – that’s inspiring for me. Additionally I really like bright colors like pink, red and a clear blue. Sometimes I like to break traditions, for example wearing red or violet knee-high socks with a tuxedo.

FALKE Gentlemans Lab(2)FALKE Gentlemans Lab


Do you consider the Russian market important for your company? Do you have any plans to strengthen your presence here?

The Russian market is really important for us. We already have a few point-of-sales and we will strengthen our presence on the Russian market for the future.

Красные носки Falke Носки-невидимки Falke